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  • Clippy: Linting as a Service

    When we relaunched AreWeWebYet about three weeks ago, we made the bold claim that “you can build stuff” for the web with rust. Of course it didn’t take long before people asked: but what for example? And we found there aren’t really many well documented, real-world rust-web-projects out there for others to learn from – until today. Annoucing: C... continue reading

  • AreWeWebYet Relaunch

    It has been long, since you heard from us. But we are back – with an all new shiny and new approach of trying to answer the question: A relaunch was needed A lot has happened over the last year in Rust Web-Development since the first inception of AreWeWebYet. While some parts of the ecosystem grew quickly, others are still lacking in feature... continue reading

  • OpenSourceBash Berlin: Call for Projects

    Part of a cool Open Source Team? Then you are probably looking for contributors, coders, designers and writers, to help you push it further, aren’t you? Well, this is your chance. Apply now to present at the very first OpenSourceBash during wwwtf.Berlin: One evening filled with open source projects presenting their work and convincing the contri... continue reading

  • Introducing: Bashy – the GNUnicorn

    Lift off, we have a lift off! After countless hours of thought and planning, work, sweat and tears, the website just went live. It is still a rough cut and many things are still missing, but at least the DNS resolves correctly 😃. This is also the perfect chance to introduce you to our mascot: Bashy – the GNUnicorn As you might know, Uni... continue reading

  • Introducing: the Tech Creationist Canvas

    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve taken a deeper look into the Lean Startup Canvas. It is an great tools to gauge risks and evaluate business models and is widely used in tech. However, I came to the conclusion that for developer-driven tech ventures it isn’t only a bad fit, it is outright harmful. Today I want to share with you an alternative ... continue reading

  • Tech Creationist Canvas: The Principles

    Iterative The Tech Creationist Canvas is build on the iterative principles and ideas of the Lean Startup Movement. It is a one-pager with multiple sections giving you an overview and insight of the most important aspects of the tech venture to model. Similar to the Lean Startup Canvas (LSC) it isn’t meant as a static page but should be evaluate... continue reading

  • The Tech Creationist Canvas explained

    The Tech Creationist Canvas is a one page canvas with specific sections asking you to answer various aspects of the tech venture you are building or thinking of building. The top area focusses on the general aspects, divided in a left “technology” side and the right “deployment” side. On the bottom you find the structural questions divided into ... continue reading

  • Tech Creationist Canvas Editor

    If you open the editor without any further instructions it will pre-fill with the Tech Creationist Canvas (TCC) and open the source file in the editor on the bottom – yes, Tech Creationist Canvas is self-hosting ;). One YAML to rule them all The source format for the canvas is a YAML file. The Editor is a live-editor: every change you do will d... continue reading

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