Lift off, we have a lift off!

After countless hours of thought and planning, work, sweat and tears, the website just went live. It is still a rough cut and many things are still missing, but at least the DNS resolves correctly ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. This is also the perfect chance to introduce you to our mascot:

Bashy โ€“ the GNUnicorn

Bashy The GNUnicorn

As you might know, Unicorns are the love children of ponies and narwhals โ€“ with the very visible central, spiral horn on the forehead as a well known charactaristic. Unlike popular believe, when such a unicorn has an affair with a gnu โ€“ the resulting GNUnicorn doesnโ€™t have one or three horns but the usual two gnu horns. A GNUnicorns horns, however, are spiral and colorful like the rainbow.

Bashy, despite the name, isnโ€™t a very aggressive animal, but rather prefers open discourse, collaboration and communication. Traits, very common among GNUnicorns in general.

Stay tuned to learn more about it, soon.