What is launchpage

Launchpage is a quick’n’easy Launchrock-Like Webpage for your OpenSource Project. Just fork the project, choose the theme you like and fill in the _data-blanks.


  • Zero-Cost Hosting

    Optimised to be hosted using Github-Pages and collect emails via Mailchimp means hosting doesn’t cost you a penny.

  • Beautifully designed Launchrock Page

    Pick one of our awesome themes and customise them to your needs. Based on established technologies and designed with customisability in mind, this has never been easier.

  • Easy to Setup

    Testing a demand hypothesis has never been easier: just fork the project, pick the theme, fill in the _data-blanks and you are ready to go

  • 100% FLOSS

    fully AGPL-Licensed OpenSource Jekyll-Project, all content under creative commons, your next project launch page is just a github fork away

  • User-Data Collection (using Mailchimp) and Social-Sharing (with tracking)

    clever usage of Mailchimp, Hashing and local storage allow you to do social-graph-based sharing and tracking over multiple steps without any further analytics or hosted software solution.


Just Fork, Change and send a PR. If you want to make bigger changes you aren’t sure are wanted, start an issue first and we’ll happily discuss what you are up to.

By contributing you agree to having the code licensed as specified below.


Please understand that this repo is licensed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. For more information please look at the LICENSE file in the root of this project!

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